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Welcome to Our Blog!

Hi Everyone!

We are Scott and Katie and after months of “Blogging might be fun” and “I’ll work on it next weekend” we have finally put forth the effort to start our blog! Hopefully this will be the first of many. This blog will follow us; our hobbies, house projects, interests …you know… life. We don’t lead exciting lives (in-fact it’s extraordinarily ordinary, if not boring) but we hope some things we talk about may interest some of you.

Recently, this past fall, we moved into an older house (our first one!) that was built in the 50’s and needs some love. It’s an exciting yet humbling experience once you realize you know next to nothing about home improvement. We are the furthest thing from handy and hopefully some of you will be able to learn with us.

Join us as in delve into the world of a small scale homestead with our chickens, bees and garden! Beyond those prepare to hear about our house and the improvements we have and will be making.

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