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5 Tips to Help Chickens Beat the Heat

We have already had some brutal heat waves this summer with temperatures reaching the upper 90's. Chickens, with their body temperature being 107 degrees already, need some help to stay cool in extreme temperatures. Here are a few things I'm doing this summer to help my chickens out.

1. A Fan

I keep a fan blowing in the chicken run all day to circulate the air. At night, I bring the fan into their coop so they have a breeze all night long.

2. Ice Water

Several times a day I head out to the chicken coop and fill their waterers with ice. I like to freeze water overnight in solo cups to make giant ice cubes.

3. A Chicken Popsicle

I like to fill a pan with water, drop in a few frozen corn kernels and keep it in the freezer overnight. The corn catches their eye and encourages them to peck at the ice. At the hottest time of the day I bring out the popsicle and set it in front of the fan. This way, I get them to stand in front of the breeze blowing off the cold ice and they love pecking at the corn.

4. Electrolytes

Just like Gatorade after playing sports, electrolytes can help give chickens a boost in the summer heat. Every few days I'll put some Save a Chick electrolyte powder in a separate little waterer so they can choose to drink it or not.

5. A Mister

An honorable mention is this $15 mister. As of now, my chickens are too afraid to go anywhere near it but I'm hoping they get used to it someday because it really cools the air! It puts off a really fine mist and the tubing is flexible and holds shape so you can mold it however you want.

How do you keep your chickens cool in the heat? I'd love to hear your ideas over on our Instagram post!

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