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DIY Nest Box Curtains

Nest box curtains are a great addition to any chicken coop. Not only do they provide the chickens with the privacy of a dark, safe place to lay their eggs, but they're a fun way to add cute decor to the coop. My mom is kind enough to make the chickens an adorable set of curtains for every season and she's sharing the step by step how-to for these halloween curtains today on the blog.

The first step is measuring your nest boxes and figuring out how much fabric you will need. Once you measure the distance between each of your boxes, you'll have a rough idea of how much fabric you will need. I have two nest boxes and we used 1 yard of fabric.

Now you're ready to pick out your fabric. This can be fabric from a craft store, an old tablecloth, a feed sack, whatever! For the month of October we picked out this cute skeleton fabric.

Fold one yard of fabric in half

Trim off the bottom with pinking shears

Cut along the fold so that you have two panels

Measure and cut down the middle again forming 4 panels

Four panels, two for each nest box

Measure about 2 inches and fold over the fabric on each panel

Pin and sew, creating a little pocket for the tension rod that will hang the curtains. If you don't have a sewing machine you may be able to use liquid stitch or some other fabric glue.

Push the tension rod through the pocket and hang at the front of your nest box. Sandy was very interested in her new curtains.

Trim the curtains to your desired length or leave them long

Finish off the curtains by tying them with ribbon. We chose orange for our Halloween theme.

Sandy approves!

There you have it! DIY nest box curtains in 30 minutes or less. The tension rod makes the curtains super easy to hang and change out for the seasons.

Pin it for later!

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