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Bringing Home our Chicks

At the beginning of February we placed the order for 5 easter egger chicks. I have wanted easter eggers for years, not only are they known to be friendly, but they lay blue/green eggs! I waited patiently for a month until it was finally chick pick up day at Farm and Fleet. We walked into the store to the sound of hundreds of peeping chicks waiting to go home. An employee handed me our box of day-old chicks and we were on our way. The chicks peeped at the top of their lungs the whole way home but as soon as we scooped them up and placed them under their nice warm heat lamp they were quiet and calm little balls of fluff. We dipped their beaks into their water one by one to teach them how to drink and they caught on right away. For the rest of their first day the chicks ate, drank, explored the brooder and slept under their heat lamp. These little babies stole my heart! I didn't know it was possible for something to be so cute.

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