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Thank you for shopping Ordinary Acres!

Homemade items are available for pickup or can be shipped via USPS. Shipping cost is calculated based on weight and distance. We accept cash, check, Venmo, Cash App or Zelle.


$8 // 8oz Jar

Local Honey

Straight from our hives to the jar! Honey is harvested each fall. 

Text 815.245.6389 to Order


$15 / Pint

Maple Syrup

Sap is tapped from our Silver Maple trees in early spring and boiled down to pure maple syrup. 

Text 815.245.6389 to Order

IMG_1129 (1).jpeg

$5 Per Dozen

Fresh Eggs

Our flock of Easter Eggers lay medium sized blue and green tinted eggs! These spoiled hens enjoy free range time each day.


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